14.03.14 - Reism will soon be hitting the stage at the Karmøygeddon festival in Haugeusund. Come check us out Saturday 3rd of May along with Sirenia, Moonspell and Amorphis. We're also printing up a limited run of T-shirts so get your Reism merch while it's hot!

01.10.13 - We just had a new photoshoot done with Freimen. Check out his work at www.freimen.com The results will be posted as soon as they're ready. ​We've also been confirmed for Karmøygeddon 2014, so really looking forward to playing the festvial alongside Katatonia & Sirenia. In other news a whole load of new songs on the go, so expect to be hearing snippets in the near future.


07.02.13 - So exciting news, and as all good things come in three's we have three exciting things to tell you about.

1st up we have a new drummer. Frode left big shoes to fill but Wolfgang B. Ognøy is filling them and slotted right in. You'll get a picture of his smug grin at the website soon.

Next we have a new gig date. Our Nattspeil consert will be at 5501 after Einherjer 6. april. We're sorry we had to cancel the gig last time, but this one should make up for it :)

Finally there's a music video in the works for one of our new songs. It's all hush hush right now, but we'll keep you updated as things progress!

A Good strong start to the year.



24.11.12 - We unfortunately have to cancel tonights show due to problems with Frode's health. We wish him a speedy recovery but stay tuned for details about the resheduled date.

08.10.12 - We're currently busy recording tracks for our next release, though we're not sure when this will be. Until then we'll be releasing tracks online so you can all hear what we're doing, and experience how the tracks change as we continue to work on them. This way you don't have to wait for the final release to get your reism fix and we get the satisfaction of putting out music immediately.

We've parted company with our drummer Frode and are currently on the lookout for a dedicated and proficient drummer...surprisingly they don't grow on trees, but we're hoping one turns up soon.

For the most uptodate news keep an eye on our twitter and Facebook pages, but all major updates will be fetured here on Reism.com first.

02.03.12 - We've just posted a preview of one of the new tracks we're currently working on. The track is called 'You Think You Know Me' and will be featured on our next album.
If you share this video before Monday 5th through our Facebook page, you'll automatically be entered into the draw to win our two previous albums.

17.01.12 - First off, Happy new year! We've lots of plans and resolutions for 2012 which we can't wait to realise.

We've had some new band photos taken by the talented Anne Marthe Widvey which can be seen on our 'About' page.

We've been busy booking gigs and festivals for 2012 so hope to see you out there. The first of which is Stødden in Haugesund 28.1.12 and then Kvinesdal Metal Fest 10.2.12.

Recording contiunes and we promise to post some demos of the new tracks soon.

14.11.11 - Thanks to Quavilla for playing with us and to those that made it out to our last gig at Flytten. It was a fun night and we've recorded some video footage to be released at a later date, for those of you who couldn't make it. Kim had his live debut with us and we're really pleased with the attitude he brings.

The new tracks we played went down a storm so it's time to focus on writing again. Infact we're meeting later tonight for a writing session to develop some of our latest ideas.

We're also planning out new photo shoots and music videos.

19.8.11 - We've just posted the latest Video Diary, which can be found on the Videos page. It features us on tour with Fragments of Faith at various gigs in England and Norway, and all the tour related shenanigans that follow.

26.07.11 - It's a bit embarrasing our last post was dated January, so we though it time to update things a bit.
The website has undergone a bit of an overhaul just to tidy things up and make it easier to navigate. Hopefully at somepoint a Twitter feed wil appear, though these seem to be damned difficult to impliment.

We have a new member! Stein Sjurseth has taken over as our permanent second guitarist, and we're very pleased to have him with us. He's played with us at our last three gigs and settling in well.

New music is also on the way. We tried out a new track at our most recent gig and it was well received, so we're hoping we're on the right path.

We hooked up with Apeiron Restraint and joined them for two dates of their mad 28 gigs in 28 days Insurgency Tour. They're really nice guys, and we wish them luck with the rest of the tour.

11.01.11 - Happy New year! So we finally managed to release Something Darker. It's been a longtime coming but is now available direct from us via the storepage and will shortly be at CDbaby and on iTunes & Amazon. We'll also be selling the album locally at the independent record stores and at our gigs.

The Emergenza festival went well and we got through to the Norwegian semifinals. So thanks for everyone who took the effort to come along and support us. We had a great time and met alot of great people in the process.

The england leg of our Tour with Fragments of Faith went well and we had a blast playing at The Gaff, The Bull & Gate, and drinking with the guys. Now Filip & Kirsten are planning the next tour together in Germany.

We're currently busy rehearsing for our next gig at Stødden in Haugesund (Jan 21st) where we'll be performing with Etne rockers Caligvla's Sisters.

Now Something Darker is done Tom has started focusing on new music, and a new track is beginning to take form.

There are also whisperings of another member joining the band!

21.09.10 - The gigs with Fragments of Faith went well and we had a great time with them. So thanks to everyone who showed up and showed the guys what a Norwegian crowd is like.

We took some photos for the Something Darker coverart with Kjell last night. Exciting stuff, just gotta see how it turns out now.

We're also enroled to the Emergenza Norway festival and will be performing on the first leg of the competition in Stavanger at Checkpoint Charlie on Friday 9th October. Doors are 19:00 and we really need your support to help us get through to the next stage! So please come check us out if you can. Tickets are available direct from us at a mere 70kr. There'll be 8 bands performing on the night so you're really getting your money's worth! Visit our shop to purchase and we'll post them out to you.

30.08.10 - The website's had a major overhall. Everything is bigger, smoother and generally works a bit better. Things will be changing up again once we get the artwork sorted for the new album so be sure to keep checking back.

25.08.10 - We had a great meeting with the cover art director for "Something Darker" last night. We're really lucky to have Kjell Jackobsen onboard for this as he's got some amazing ideas for the album. We really wanted to make the album a work of art, something people will treasure and see the value in having the physical product over a digital file. It's definately something we're going to be proud of and we're looking forward to getting to you.

17.08.10 - Lots of stuff going on in the REISM camp at the moment. We are very very busy recording the last bits of vocals and mixing the songs that are ready. It shouldn’t be long now before we have everything completed for the long awaited release of our second album “Something Darker.”

Artwork is in the works and it is designed by Kjell Jakobsen. We’ll give you a little sneak peak very soon.

In the meantime you can check out our new promotional photos, live photos from Bloodstock 2010 and our 4th video diary which will be posted shortly.

Keep checking back folks for gig updates, previews and other cool stuff!
All the best

25.03.10 - So the Byscenen gig went well. Although we diddn't win the competition, they were well received and had a big crowd. It was great fun to play live again and we're looking forward to getting back on the stage again soon.

We filmed the concert so the beginings of the 4th video diary installment are in place.

Now that "Words" is finished we have four more tracks on the go. Above is a screenshot from the working tittle "Something Darker". Not a reference to our older song "Something Useful", just getting into a mindset. Lots of distortion and digital headfuckery.

Now we have a permanent rehearsal room setup it's also changed the way the songs are written. Now I'll write the tracks up in the studio, take them down to the reharsal room and bash through them with Frode. This helps get an idea of how the song will sound live, and brings in a lot more dynamism to the tracks.

10.02.10 - After a breif period of downtime Reism are back on their feet!
Newly recruited drummer Frode Sjo has slotted right in and is bringing a rawer more powerful edge to the band.

New tracks are also in the works and the recordings are begining to take form.

After 1.5 years Reism are starting to gig again! The band have signed up to the Wacken Metal Battle in Haugesund, Norway. They'll be performing in Byscenen Saturday March 6th. Doors 18:00.

23.10.08 - So quite a bit has changed since the last newsletter, but we thought we'd save everything up and put it out together.

Firstly, and the prime reason why things have taken longer than anticipated, Kirsten and Tom have relocated to Norway. Despite half the band being in another country we're still going to keep up gigging, but focus it, rather than the sporadic, spreadout shows we did before. Planning has already begun to organise a week of dates after the new year.

Secondly, the EP is finally finished, and as well as hearing excerpts from it on Myspace you can also download two full tracks for free at Reism.com. However, it'll only begin shipping in December, and go up on iTunes sometime after that, so you'll have to wait a little longer to get the full product.

Thirdly you'll find the third installment of the Video Diary series has been uploaded. This documents the drum recording sessions for the EP, follows the band to several different shows around england, and hangs out with them at rehearsals.

Finally, a large portion of the website has been overhauled, predominantly focusing on the media page. There is now a new, more advanced player, which features both records and all the videos. The lyrics page has also been adapted, so even if you can't hear all of the new EP you can read the lyrics, and make up how you think it probably goes. The news page has also been expanded to feature all the bulletins we've ever done, right back to July 2005.

On top of all that we've even found time to experiment with some new music!

Hope you like what you hear, and we'll be in touch again soon...well soonish :p

11.06.08 The New EP is nearly complete. The mixing's done, so there's only the mastering to finish off now. We're really happy with how the versions sound, and will post them in our media player soon!
There's also a new installment in the video diary series, which will appear after the EP is out.
Exciting times.

10.04.08 The drum tracks have now been recorded for REISM's self titled E.P. Kev put in some sterling work, and the tracks are really coming to life. Hopefully the E.P will be out by the end of April. We look forward to sharing!

19.01.08 As you can see, the new revamped website is here with a load of new features. Our latest demo versions from the forthcoming EP are up on the media page, along with new live photos, a guestbook and a larger interface. So leave us a message and let us know what you think!

02.01.08 It's been a while since we've posted here but since we last wrote; Kev has fully recovered and been working on the new material with the intention to have everything recorded by Feburary.
A number of gigs have passed, all pretty succesful and well received, notably the 5th Dec at the Liverpool Barfly.
We've  started rehearsing the new material with the intention of replacing some of the older songs in our set.
We're also trying to organise gigs in a number of locations around the UK so hopefully we'll be visiting more of you soon.

Keep checking back to the Myspace site for the latest news and we'll update things here as often as we can.

12.08.07 Our deepest appologies for having to cancel the gig last night. But Kev fractured his leg in a parkour accident. We wish him a speedy recovery and fear not, we should be back out on the road soon :)
On a more positive note we've just added a "reviews" section inside the contact page so you can see how our album, and new demo is being received.

07.07.07 So Reism have been getting out on the road. We've played a number of dates around the UK and Norway and receive positive feedback everywhere we go. You may also have noticed we've begun making Video Diaries of our travels, giving a 'behind the scenes' insight into our gigs and efforts. In fact a new video has been uploaded today! So check it out on our myspace page, and leave us a comment while you're there. This Video focuses on our trip to the Island of Rock festival in Norway, while the last one followed our gigs at the Barfly in Liverpool and at the Cheese&Grain in Frome.

As ever new tracks are still underway, and we plan to release an EP of the new songs soon. Until then check back to our .com and myspace for our latest musical offerings.

We've teamed up with Psychonaut Promotions who got us our first gig in Nottingham at the Intake Club, and through them we'll be extending our gigging range to more of the UK. So look out for more gig dates coming soon.

Our next gig is at the Magnet in Liverpool on Saturday 11th August and the night is part of the Zombie Festival, so dress up as one and get in half price :)

01.07.07 We've just played at the Cheese&Grain and we had a great night, so thankyou to all those that came out to see us ,and it was great chatting with you all afterwards. We've been documenting the last two gigs on camera and so we'll be putting together a video blog for you all to see shortly. We're looking forward to the Island of Rock festival and for those of you that can't make it we'll post footage from that also :)

05.06.07 We're back! We now have a drummer, Kev, who'll be accompanying us on our upcoming gigs...of which we have two more. The Cheese&Grain (Frome) on the 30th June, and the Island of Rock Festival in Norway on the 19th July.Check our Myspace for details. and see you out there!

10.03.07 Not a lot has happened over the past few months, Reism has been thrown into a hiatus with the absence of a drummer. We've held rehearsal's with two candidates so far but havn't found anyone who fit. However we are in talks with various other drummers, so hopefully we'll find someone soon. This break has also given us time to concentrate on writting, and some great stuff is coming out.

12.01.07 Happy New Year From Reism! We have gifts for you. Reism Wallpaper is now available on the Images page, and you can hear the two new tracks in their entirety on the Reism Player, found on the Media page. Also, look out for news on the drummer auditions, coming soon.

11.12.06 You can hear two new songs at the myspace page! "Give In" and "Sink In Deep (dark water)" showcase a progression in the band's sound, and how things have improved since Joe's departure. We're also about to hold auditions for a new drummer, who should be joining us and gigging around England in the new year. Hope to see you out there!

13.08.06 Good news for the Norwegian fans! Reism will be performing at Lille Byscenen, Haugesund, Norway 9/9/06 20:00 There will also be a promotional radio interview slot prior to the show. details coming soon.

7.05.06 The Interview section from the Reism Promotional DVD is now on the Video page. It gives an insight into the REISM process and what happens behind the music.

17.4.06 We have just added an option to by the album direct for Europe! find it in the Reism Shop and at the top of this page. It is also available for purchase at the iTunes Music Store.

13.4.06 Our gig at The Zanzibar was a success, despite a soundcard dying! and we had the most people there while we played, so thank you for turning up. More news on future gigs will follow as soon as we confirm them, so if you didn't make it, you should be able to see us soon. On a technical issue the videos and media player are now working again, so appologies for any inconveniences caused.

25.3.06 The 3 Video is now up on the media page so if you missed either the Preston or Liverpool gigs you can see what it was all about. It's also your LAST CHANCE TO VOTE REISM before the competition closes. So please do if you havn't yet, and use as many different email addresses as you have ;)
We're also playing in LIPA on 31/3/06 in the Sennheiser Studio Theatre so you can catch up with us there, but don't worry more gigs are on the horizon.

4.3.06 Reism's Preston 3 performance went so well that we were invited to perform again in Liverpool at the Academy 2. The latter of the two venues was more suited to the band and we rocked it hard! NEW PHOTOS from both these gigs are now available on the Images page. Our next Sheduled gig is at Liverpool's Zanzibar 7/4/06 Supporting The Most Terrible Thing so we expect to see you all there at 7:30.

9.2.06 The video is now up on www.studentmusicawards.co.uk so we need you all to support us and VOTE FOR REISM. The performing aspect of the competition takes place on the 22nd at the FiftyThreeDegrees venue in Preston, so we'd love for you all to attend Reism's first gig of the year!

19.1.06 The video shoot went well, despite the many prolems we faced, and we look forward to the results. However we have suffered another setback, after being involved in an accident on the motorway, Tom managed to drink far too much Jack Daniels and throw himself down a flight of stairs. The result is a broken collar bone and six weeks out of rehearsal time! We have also just added a Lyrics section to the Media page. Enjoy.

5.1.06 Reism are through to the top 30 in 3-mobile's Student Music Awards. The band have been invited to London to film a music video as part of the competition. This competition will tour the United Kingdom with performances at various venues, as well as airing the band's music videos on SUBtv. Reism would appreciate your support in this, and if you would like to vote for us, check out www.studentmusicawards.co.uk for details. We have also restocked our album at CDBaby so grab your copy now!

4.12.05 Reism to hit the airwaves! What I See will debut on KrushRadio's wednesday night show between 2:00-4:00am E.S.T. (21:00 G.M.T 6/12/05) we would like to invite everyone out there to listen and post messages requesting more from us! Thanks.

24.11.05 Well we're back in England again, Welcomed by the rain, fog and darkness by 4pm. But that's one step closer to gigging the new material, and the windup to rehearsals begins. The new year will bring a live Reism...be prepared!

10.11.05 You can now BUY THE ALBUM!! from CD baby, and it will also be available on iTunes within the next few days. We just returned from the Taxi roadshow which we highly recommend to any aspiring bands looking for the inside scoop, and some direction. Check out Reism's Myspace account to interact with other fans, and contact the individual band members.

10.10.05 The album is complete! Mastering took place over the past week up in Idyllwild California with great results, and now you can listen to the whole album on the Media page with the new Reism Player. Let us know what you think, we look forward to your feedback. Our attention has now turned to continuing our promotion work and getting our music to a larger audience.

13.9.05 These past weeks have been hectic, recording all through the day one day, and mixing the next. No life exists outside the Reism studio! We're not even bothering to get dressed now, and at the time of writing Kirsten's working through 'i will fall' in her pyjamas and suffice to say it's sounding pretty Hot!

08.9.05 The Somerset Sessions have begun! Reism have relocated their studio to Coleford, UK to put the finishing touches on the upcoming album. Previews of tracks will be posted as soon as possible. At the end of September Joe and Tom are off to California to promote the new material. See ya state side!

07.7.05 While Kirsten's working in a smelting factory Joe and Tom have been hard at work on new tracks, ever expanding our versatility and range. Really happy with what's coming out, that's what this summer's all about. don't worry we'll share soon ;)