Reism are a melodic metal/industrial band from Norway, whose influences include In This Moment, The Birthday Massacre and Alice in Chains.

Since forming in Liverpool, England in 2005, the band have been gigging hard, attracting a growing fan base in both the UK and Norway, have produced two albums, Lifestyle Product (2005) Something Darker (2011), and after a breif hiatus have just released their third Dysthymia (2019).


Professionally trained at Paul McCartney’s Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Reism have been able to handle their own recording, production, engineering, distribution and promotion and, have developed the originality and perfectly balanced sound that sets them apart from much of the competition. With songs focused primarily on the betrayals and cruelties of mankind, the band’s subtle interplay between live and electronic instrumentation blends and shifts between synthetic and organic sounds, making them accessible to fans of both Metal and Hard Rock music.​ The band are now looking to work with other professionals to further their goals and reach a wider audience.

Reism have previously taken part in the Wacken Metal Battle and in the Emergenza band competition, in which they reached the Norwegian semifinal.  The band have also continued to tour England and Norway, cementing their reputation for high-energy and visually exciting live performances and drawing large, mixed crowds wherever they’ve played.

The name 'Reism' comes from the term 'reification', which means "the regarding of an abstract concept as a concrete object." The music of Reism is a fusion of gothic, industrial, and electronic Metal. The combination of heavy guitar riffs, live/electronic drums, dirty synths, and soaring vocals make for a complex musical experience. Formed whilst at music school in Liverpool, England, Reism is comprised of 4 members:​

Kirsten Jørgensen

Tom Poole-Kerr

Kim Lund

Wolfgang Ognøy

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